About the Company

PT. Aditya Aryaprawira Corporation

is an experienced international shipping and logistic in the highly competitive and exacting business of worldwide logistics and project movement.

We are constantly looking at ways to improve our service levels to customers and to this end we continue to invest in our people, our network of European, United State of America, Australia, Asia especially in China companies and our communications and data management resources.


At AAS we are committed to the provision of complete, tailored freight management solutions which support the ever-changing needs of our customers.


Reliability, safety and cost effectiveness – the criteria our customers can rely upon.


The success of a company in expanding its service is highly reliant on the finesse of the Management in communicating with CUSTOMERS as well as giving abbreviated and complete information regarding the relation with the company’s affiliates and the amount of efforts that the company have put in.


Since established in 1984, PT Aditya Aryaprawira Shipping (AAS) has matured with experience and knowledge. As a company with a solid vision and mission, AAS strived to prioritize the satisfaction of the customers and share holders. AAS never stop improving to gain more knowledge, including technology transfers, the development of human resource and Information Technology (IT) utilization to facilitate better service.


With the progress of technology and the growth of the industry, AAS continues to keep up in terms of achievement by receiving the Quality Management ISO 9001-2000 compliance. The management endeavors to consistently support all operational programs with the primmest working quality, complemented with the Health Safety Environment (HSE) Program that has been accepted in Mining, Oil and Gas companies in Indonesia.

Teamwork and the power of Information has always been the key player in management which guarantees our commitment to give customers our highest quality of service with “Zero Defect”. Our brush with the financial crisis 10 years ago has been taken as an expensive learning experience for managements in managing and directing the company on the right track. The learning never stops, AAS is continuously supported by nurturing human resources, being the absolute and most valuable assets of the company.


I would like to thank all customers, colleagues, affiliates and business partners for your continued support in expanding AAS service in Logistics and Project movement and other related shipping services. Let us go hand-in-hand together to see a brighter future ahead of us, with regards to our commitment on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to support less fortunate brothers and sisters who are in needs.


For you, we are here


In November 3rd, 1984 PT. Aditya Aryaprawira Shipping was established in Jakarta – Indonesia, running in the shipping business specialize in logistics and projects movement and offer a “One Stop Shop” specialising in the international movement of abnormal and heavy loads.


Recognising the need for this type of service, the founder of AAS began operating from small offices close to the port of Tanjung Priok, Jakarta. AAS was one of the first companies to be recognised for abnormal loads movement that needed special

commitment and expertise not found in Indonesia freight indusctry at that time. AAS soon became the leading Indonesian operators in this field.


As an international logistic and project movement grew, a worldwide service was offered with specialists in heavy lift, offshore shipping, offroad transportation and project relocation being added to the AAS team.


Many large companies began to use the AAS service and as routes grew, construction equipment movements fell into place alongside the abnormal load business now handled.


New purpose built offices and links with partners across the world followed during the next few years as our growing reputation led to us being asked to

handle ever larger contracts and increasing volumes of logistics and projects movement business.


Today, AAS offers not only innovative solutions to abnormal load movements, but also cost effective worldwide freight management for spot business and supply chain operations.

Vision & Mission


Becoming an advance Integrated Logistics and Project movement company that is known for its excellence service.



To satisfy Share Holders and Customers through high profit and excellence service.
To provide a friendly working environment that condones, Honesty, Safety, Prudence and Performance.

We Are A Team Of Industry Experts

Ir. Adharta Ongkosaputra MBA
CEO of Aditya Aryaprawira Corp
Adhitya Ongkowidagdo BBA MM
President Director of Aditya Aryaprawira Shipping
Ami Wijaya
Marketing Director of Aditya Aryaprawira Shipping
Amin Ashari
Operation Director of Aditya Aryaprawira Shipping
Vincent S. Johan
President Director of Mitra Aditya Niaga
Tony Legi
President Director of Rai Benua Trans
Santoso Margono
President Director of Trisaka Cakra Buana
Pandu Dewantara
President Director of Aditya Aryaprawira Energy
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