Company Background and History

In November 3rd, 1984 PT. Aditya Aryaprawira Shipping was established in Jakarta - Indonesia, running in the shipping business specialize in logistics and projects movement and offer a “One Stop Shop” specialising in the international movement of abnormal and heavy loads.

Recognising the need for this type of service, the founder of AAS began operating from small offices close to the port of Tanjung Priok, Jakarta. AAS was one of the first companies to be recognised for abnormal loads movement that needed special commitment and expertise not found in Indonesia freight indusctry at that time. AAS soon became the leading Indonesian operators in this field.

As an international logistic and project movement grew, a worldwide service was offered with specialists in heavy lift, offshore shipping, offroad transportation and project relocation being added to the AAS team.

Many large companies began to use the AAS service and as routes grew, construction equipment movements fell into place alongside the abnormal load business now handled.

New purpose built offices and links with partners across the world followed during the next few years as our growing reputation led to us being asked to handle ever larger contracts and increasing volumes of logistics and projects movement business.

Today, AAS offers not only innovative solutions to abnormal load movements, but also cost effective worldwide freight management for spot business and supply chain operations.